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Ready To Sell Your Home? Learn How To Get Top Dollar And Sell It Fast!

At Homes by Eaddy , I know that selling your house is a big step. You might feel overwhelmed or burdened by everything involved in selling your house.

You might be wondering what your house is worth or if it’s really the right time to sell. This is where we can help.

I'm sharing exactly how so you can sell your home too. Inside of the seller seminar you'll get step by step videos breaking down everything you need to know BEFORE selling your home - to get the highest price possible, in the quickest time possible.

Welcome To The FREE Virtual Seller Seminar

Get 15+ videos showing you step by step how to sell your home faster for more money

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Here's a sneak-peak of videos inside of the seller seminar

The Pre-Market Quiz

"Will your home pass the test before going to market?!"

Marketing Your Home

"The importance of marketing your home properly."

Good Time To Sell?

"Are we heading into a recession? Is now a good time to buy or sell?"

Pre-Market Timelines

"The timelines before listing a home with us."

How Quickly Sold?

"How quickly will my home sell?" This is a common question we get.


"Should you get inspections done prior to listing my home?"

Home Valuation

"How do you determine what your house is worth?"

Is Zillow Accurate?

"Should I use Zillow as an accurate evaluation of my home’s value?"

What To Disclose?

"Disclosures, what to disclose. This is vital to ensure that you are safe."


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