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Discover why it is ABSOLUTELY
ESSENTIAL to have an
agent when buying a new construction home! 


What’s Inside the Book?

How much does a buyer's agent cost.
Why buyer's agents are seen as an extension of the team.
How involved buyer's agents are in the buying process.

About the Author

Raymond Eaddy

Raymond Eaddy is a listing specialist. He has lived in the DC metro area for over 30 years and knows the area well. Before working for HomeSmart, Raymond worked as a Database Administrator. He uses the efficiency and problem-solving skills from this experience to make every transaction go smoothly. Raymond’s goal is to help clients, fellow agents, and the community in any way he can.

Discover the step by step process on how to purchase your new home!

At Homes By Eaddy, we know that buying a house is a big step. You might feel overwhelmed or burdened by everything involved in the home buying process.

You might be wondering what is the first step? Can I qualify for a home loan? How long will the process take? This is where we can help.

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