September 20

Can a Realtor Help with New Construction


Why is it essential to have an agent when buying a new construction home? This video will guide you from the common pitfall of designing your dream home alone and why you want an agent in your corner protecting your best interests.

Hi my name is Raymond Eaddy with HomeSmart. A key concept that agents need to understand and communicate to our clients is that many buyers think they can get the best potential deal by going straight to the builder or the builder’s sales rep and cutting out the buyer's agent.

This is not the case, and actually, it is quite the opposite. Walk-in traffic to them represents only one potential sale. But a sales agent represents several potential sales and therefore builders’ agents are more motivated to give the best deals to the buyers who use good sales agents. Every agent has their strengths and weaknesses. Our strength is new construction, particularly associated with negotiating on behalf of the buyer.

Let me take a second now to encourage you to subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos linked in the description. If you are watching this on Facebook, like the page. It is amazing seeing a family pick out the community they want to live in with the schools that best suit them. Or picking a commute to work or the neighborhood to improve their life and make every day amazing. It takes a particular type of agent to transcend the traditional search MLS approach to find you the perfect home.

I have compiled my top 5 reasons you should have a buyer’s agent in your corner when shopping for new construction. The first one is simple, an agent costs nothing extra and like I said before, working with an agent may actually encourage the builder to give you more upgrades and perks.

Second, an agent with expertise in this field will guide you to the right community and builder that has what you are looking for. There are dozens of options and they all look good until you dig a little deeper. There are agents out there, like me, that have done much of this digging for you.

Three, A good builders see sales agents as an extension of their team. The builder’s team is designed to make every step of your home buying environment feel special and elegant. An agent that knows this process is integral for the builder in providing the best possible experience. A good buyer’s agent will be involved in the process. They will maintain communication with all parties involved, keep a paper trail, do regular visits to the site, solve problems (particularly when a mistake cannot be undone, for instance the wrong bricks were used and not discovered until they have been installed). Take part in walk-throughs, facilitate independent inspections and attend the closing.

Bottom line when purchasing a home, even when its new construction, it’s our job to look out for your interests. Builders and their representatives do not represent you. These sales representatives are very good. They are very good at getting you an amazing home, but they are also very good at making money for the builder and keeping them happy. You need someone in your corner that knows the ropes to guide the process. As you can see here, the advantage of working with an agent is huge.

Reach out to us as we are always here to help.


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