July 30

Do You Trust Zillow to Value Your Home


Do you trust Zillow to value your home?

Let me ask you, would you marry someone without ever seeing them? Let’s just say you had a really good idea of what they were like and how they looked, but you never spoke to them on the phone and never saw them. Would you marry them?

Yeah, I wouldn’t either. That’s sorta like trusting Zillow to value your home. Zillow is an algorithm based on public data. Zillow has never seen the inside of your home. It’s a computer that comes up with the value based upon what your neighbors are selling for.

They look at things like size, bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size etc. and they compare them to your neighbors. However, there are things they cannot take into consideration like upgrades, views, location, if your home is in a court, whether you own solar, etc. These factors have major on the value of your home.

Zillow even acknowledges that their lack of accuracy, stating that In the U.S. as a whole, Zestimates are currently within ten percent of the ultimate sale price 71.5% of the time. They encourage you to get a more accurate evaluation by a licensed Realtor or appraiser.

That’s why you need me. I live and play in this area. So the Zestimate is an estimate at BEST. You need to call a professional who has the experience and ability to assess the value of your home based upon taking everything into consideration, not just things they can see. Just click below and I’ll get you a custom marketing proposal from a real live person.


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