Level Up Your Yard Signs!

Here’s a great tip to capture more buyer inquiries to sell your home.

While it’s certain most home searches start online, they certainly do not stop there. Many potential homebuyers will print a list of homes they like and then drive the neighborhood to look at your home.

When this is the case, many homebuyers call – and now text – the number on your yard sign to get updated property details and pricing information. This is how you capture their phone number so you can return the phone call, pre-qualify the buyer, and schedule a showing.

Not only do you want a for-sale sign in your front yard, but you also want to attach a “text sign rider”. This will help you capture more inquiries.

This is what a “text sign rider” looks like

There are many providers of this service you can find online, or if you’d like me to set it up for you, just reply to this email or give me a call at 301-539-2242.

SIDE TIP: Many homebuyers will type the address of your property into YouTube to watch a quick video tour of your home. If you want your home to sell, I highly recommend you record a video tour of your property (it can be simple pictures edited together in a montage) and upload it to YouTube with your property address as the video title. Include your contact information in the description.

There are regulations on how many yard signs, and what type of signs, you can put in your yard. If you want to maximize your chances of getting buyers to call you, I’m happy to visit to give you more tips.

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