July 1

Limited Inventory, Multiple Offers, Bidding Wars – Oh My!


Limited inventory, multiple offers, bidding wars!! Of course, you’re nervous about selling your home. You may wonder if you’ll be able to find a replacement home or what if you sell, where would you go, what would you do if you couldn’t find a home. Maybe you’re curious if you couldn’t find a home would you still have to sell? I totally understand. Of course, you’re nervous, it’s your home, it’s where you live. 

Hi, I’m Raymond Eaddy with HomeSmart. 

The good news is, there are solutions. Many solutions to this in fact. I’ve found that depending on your unique situation will determine the best course of action and strategy that I can advise on what you should do. Asking questions about timing. If you’re moving locally or out of the area, do you have a temporary rental, or do you need to sell right now?  

The bottom line is that coming up with a strategy really changes from family to family and what their unique situation is. There are solutions available. Solutions for most situations. So, call me today because we’d love to navigate this with you. And don’t worry, there is never any pressure or obligation in meeting with me. I’m just here to help. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and as always Raymond Eaddy here. Let’s make it a great home selling and buying day!!!


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