June 25

What is a Rent Back in Fort Washington, MD


Selling your home and need to buy a replacement home but you need the funds of the home you are selling to purchase another property? Sellers, Right now here in Fort Washington, 20744 there is very little inventory. Since inventory is so low, homes are selling like hotcakes and typically only take around 9 days to sell. They’re selling with multiple offers and bidding wars. Therefore, many sellers worry they won’t be able to find a replacement home. 

This is a totally valid concern given the market. 

I’ve done a few videos going over solutions to this very common concern. You can click here to watch them all right now if you’d like. 

One solution is to help you negotiate a rent back on your property. In a competitive market, like we are experiencing right now, sellers are receiving multiple offers. As a result, sellers are reluctant to take a contingent offer. The reluctance comes from the risk that the home the buyer is selling won’t sell. This would force a seller selling their home to search for another buyer. The seller would lose money and waste time. So it’s easier for them to accept a non-contingent offer. 

You may wonder what is a rent back. Rent back is when after you sell your home, you remain in the property. This way you have the funds to purchase your new home. When you have the funds, you will not be contingent. Your offer is much more likely to get accepted. This takes the stress and worry off. 

Now we know exactly what to negotiate and what we need to consider on your behalf to keep you safe. So do not worry. This is one of many solutions that we offer. There are many more solutions we have in helping you sell your home and get you the home of your dreams, even with limited inventory, so call me today. 

Don’t worry, there is never any pressure or obligation in meeting us. I’m just here to help you navigate the best strategy when selling. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and make it a great home selling and buying day!!!


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